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Confessions of a Trickster

Top-rated Magician

Vlad has 15 years of professional magic experience. He’s worked for luxury clients like CHANEL, and has performed at private events throughout New York. Vlad brings elevated magic, mentalism and storytelling to NYC clients.

 Winner: Magic Challenge 200 Award.

♠ Member: Society of American Magicians.

♦ Member: International Brotherhood of Magicians. 

♣ His mother’s favorite magician. 

Strolling Magic

Close-Up Magic

Recommended for or parties of 25+ people - Vlad walks around the venue, performing 8-10 minute magic shows for smaller groups of people through the evening.

Ideal for cocktail parties, influencer events, corporate events, receptions, birthday parties, weddings.

Parlor show

Stand-up magic & Mentalism

A parlor show where Vlad will perform for a group of 15 to 50 people, entertaining guests for 15-50 minutes.

Ideal for corporate events, birthday parties, cafe’s, restaurants and venues with a small stage.

Dinner Party

A Private show

Make your next dinner party a magical experience for you and your guests.

This unique format is a perfect way to elevate your next dining experience. Magic can be performed between courses, or after the meal is served. Ideal for 5-15 people. 

Family Show

Family magic

Kids magic, but elevated. Ideal for parents looking to bring a prestigious magic experience for the whole family.

Ideal for kids age 6+, great at home or a professional venue. Vlad will typically do a section of strolling magic, followed by a stand-up show for all of the kids, runtime approximately 30 minutes.

What Clients are saying

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Simply contact me with a quick description of your event. I’ll promptly respond to setup a short, no-pressure consultation. Absolutely free.

Average response time: 2 hours.

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